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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bob Ehrlich

Maryland Republican Governor Candidate Bob Ehrlich made a stop in Westminster last Sunday for a fundraiser. The gathering was at the Best Western. Larry Haines and Joe Getty spoke as part of the program. Ehrlich had his picture taken with each table, while his family also made the rounds.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colors of Fall

I love the colors and the smell of Fall. The trees are great in their reds and yellows, combine that with the other colors like orange of pumpkins and it is very visual for the eyes.  Walking through the woods smelling the leaves is just as good as walking through in the Spring as nature wakes up from the sleep of winter.  I looked out the window this morning and thought “I just raked the yard on Friday.”  Oh well, it gives me something to do to rake and trim the yard for the last time.  I will be raking for the next month, I am not a fan of raking, but it gets me outside.  As usual when I go outside I take my camera along. I like shooting the leaves with the sun shining through them.  I also noticed that there were a lot less walnuts in the trees this year in Carroll, compared to last.  Old timers would tell you if there are a lot of nuts there is going to be a bad winter.  So I guess this winter will be different from last year.  The squirrels don't seem to be burying the nuts this year, but eating right away, so they must believe that it will be a good winter.

Morgan Run

One of the places we like to go to is close by, like Morgan Run Environmental Area.  The area is on Klees Mill Road.  It is quiet expect for nature and the running water of Morgan Run.  With the leaves turning, we decided to drive by and take in the scene.  We will have to go back soon as the leaves are turning fast this year.  I was hoping to take Shirley to Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania as I always liked the lake bathed in the colors of fall, but with the leaves turning so fast, we might be late.  I love shooting in the fall and will have to drive over to Liberty Lake before it rains on Thursday.