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Friday, July 3, 2009


One of the things that always catches my eye are flags.
Being the birthday of our country, it seems like a good time to write about flags.
In an earlier post, I mentioned how the flag is at half staff for the Memorial Day ceremonies at Westminster Cemetery. So you have to be there for the short amount of time the flag is lowered.
There is plenty of flags in Gettysburg and you could spend a lot of time looking at the images I have of flags in the small town in Adams County. There are flags in parades, at statues, displays, they are everywhere.
They are also in Williamsburg, just not as numerous as Gettysburg.
There are a line of flags at Williamsburg Visitor Center that I always shoot. I have yet to get an image I like, but I will keep shooting on every trip.
At one time the flag hung near Gist Road at Carroll Hospital Center that made for a dramatic sunset image. I always look skyward with flags for use of the sun or moon.
That are lots of flags at NASCAR events. At Pocono there is a large flag in the garage area, which is where I captured the King, Richard Petty.
Don't pass on garden flags as they make a good background for flowers and such.
Once you start looking at objects like flags, you will see many picture opportunities.
Besides looking flags this weekend, I hope to see a couple movies this weekend. The musical, ``1776'' and ``Yankee Doodle Dandy.'' That would top off a weekend
of flags, fireworks, racing and family.
Enjoy the weekend and remember to keep the camera handy.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sykesville Fireworks

The weatherman said there was a thunderstorm warning until 10 p.m, but fortunately we did not have one and the fireworks went on as planned at the Sykesville Fire Department carnival.

I was a little worried when I arrived and saw the fire department had their truck on the scene to where I was planning on taking pictures from. I had shot there last year, and was able to work around the truck and captured some decent images.

The one thing that bugs me when you shoot fireworks at a carnival are the rides. I wish they would would move more often and at the same time.

Good luck when you shoot fireworks on July 4th or the Manchester Firemen's carnival on July 2nd.