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I have been in the newspaper and website business for about 40 years. I am a fan of NASCAR and saltwater fishing. I graduated from Westminster High School and attended Frederick Communty College. I am a member of National Press Photographers Association, Eastern Motorsports Press Association and AP Photo Managers. I am a freelance photographer looking for a full time postion behind the camera or as a manager. I would appreciate any comments or just to let me know you stopped by, thanks!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love on the Beach

Most of the time we were in Ocean City it was windy, which made the the temperatures cool on the beach. One day we headed out to enjoy the sunshine. Shirley was sitting in a chair reading, when I decided to take a walk along the shoreline, as it was low tide. I got about 100 yards away from her when I came upon two horseshoe crabs. Usually when I have seen them on the beach, they are dead. But these were very much alive. I ran back and got Shirley to show her my find. We watched them for about 30 minutes and chatted with another couple who stopped to watch. When we got back to the condo, Shirley looked up horseshoe crabs and said they were mating. I told her they have been around for years and she said said they were living fossils. The crabs have been here for over 450 million years. It is believed the crabs look for sand or mud like what they were hatched in. That means relatives of the crabs we saw had been coming to the area for a while. Unfortunately a day later while standing on the balcony, I saw a couple pick-up two crabs and throw them back in the ocean. I am sure they thought they were in trouble. Fishing for the crabs is starting to become restricted on the East Coast. They are used for bait for eels. Many of the eggs are eaten by birds. After that encounter I kept my eyes open for the crabs and was able to photograph a few more at the shoreline. Remember nature is fun to watch and photograph, but think before you touch.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ocean City goes to the Dogs

There always seems to be something going on in Ocean City. The weekend we were there offered many events including Maryland International Kite Expo and the 11th Annual Board Walkin' for Pets. We got to view both on a stroll along the beach. If you are new to my blog (it now appears on eldersburg.patch.com) my camera goes where I go. The dogs were cute including the small one that barked at two stuffed dogs in front of a store. The kites filled the sky along Sixth Street. Something we always look for on the beach is the sand sculptures. This time, we got to see Randy Hoffman in action. Many people stop by to see his creations every day. Okay, I told you that you would see a lot of sunrise images and here are some more. These cover two days at the beach, along with a few in the evening as the sun peeked through the clouds.Two things that always get my attention are fences and birds, which you see in this post. It's great to capture images at the beach, but remember to protect your camera and lens from the saltwater and sand.