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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Step Back in History

You say "Williamsburg" and a lot of people would think Busch Gardens.

To tell the truth, I have never been to the amusement park. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I love history and Williamsburg oozes history.

If you go with me, you have to have a lot of patience. I will stand for a long time waiting to get a clean shot without a tourist in view. I love shooting the 18th century with 21st century photography equipment.

The people in costume are a plus and help set the scene. Using people in photographs helps for two reasons. One is we always look at people in images and two, people helps us see items at scale. We can see how big or small something is by looking at a person in an image.

It's great to walk down Duke of Gloucester Street and not worry about getting run over by a vehicle. Maybe a jogger or horse, but not a car.

It's also great to walk where Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry have walked and what they saw.

One thing I never miss are the gardens. I see ideas to use at home and also see plants I might want to grow, but more importantly is the images of flowers.

It's always hard to tear myself away from the gardens as I could stay there for days. I'm not sure there is enough space on the Internet for the amount of images I have of the gardens.

We were there the beginning of May for only a few hours, but I shot about 700 images. It was a good visit with Shirley and my sister Jane.

I had thought Jane had been to the historic capital before, but alas I was wrong. She like many others had only been to Busch Gardens.

My sister pleasantly surprised me, she liked Williamsburg. Shirley and Jane spent a while in Bruton Parish Church. No eyebrows raised here, as they are both Episcopalians.

I knew Shirley would like the town if I mention "Williamsburg", she says when are we leaving. Jane would like to return when she has more time to look around.

Williamsburg is a definite stop for photographers, no matter if a novice or a professional. There is time for tourist (see the image of Shirley and Jane) pictures and for art.

I have been to the town in Spring, Summer and Fall. On my list is a visit in December for Christmas and to photograph Williamsburg with a coat of snow.